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Yes they call me AliGadgeti

I don't smoke or drink (too much) maybe a little whisky now and then. But I tend to waste my money on gadgets. The wife tells me all the time, "oh not another one, I have to dust". And I say, "But, but, but, this one has this feature etc, and it is really cheap". I am cheap. I mean I usually try to get away with itsy bitsy gadgets that are less than £20. Yes, I am a real sucker for that cool grown up toy for less than £20. But I tend to think if I can get a gadget that is a combination of three £20 gadgets less than let's say £40, then that's a bargain.

So what brought all this on, you might ask. Well I love Radio, DAB Radio in particular, and above all to record good quality music freely. Funnily enough I never got too caught up in the download game. Son did. Wow, he is there big time. Not me. I have found this fantastic station called Chill on DAB Radio and it does not have ads, no talk, and non stop.

But until now I have had to sit with the PURE radio connected to a cheap bass and tweater booster that makes the sound like my HIFI and it is always on, and I have to sit behind the PC, as I do anyway, most of the time, to enjoy it. Well now there is this great portable device called Oono MiniDAB DAB/FM Radio with MP3 Player. Check out this link. But it is well over my limits. I would end up in the shed with no dinners if I wasted the family funds on that. But this is the sort of thing that will be the shape of things to come, and will be much cheaper one day. I wish.