Two Ayatollahs in a coffee cup

I know this seems a little crazy, but it is true. Here I am having an expresso, and I try a little Iranian fortune telling. In Iran something that a lot of people do, is to turn a cup of thick Turkish coffee over, either after making a wish, or just leaving it to the cup. I just said a Zoroastrian Ashem Vohu and turned it, after placing the saucer on top of the cup, that I had just finished drinking. As you know thick Turkish coffee leaves some residue behind. So when you turn it around, you will have the coffee trickle down the sides of the cup. I waited for about five minutes, and the turned it over to have a look. To be quite honest, most of the time I cannot really see a lot. But this time it was weird. You know as you turn the cup over for the second time, the coffee that had just poured toward the rim, now tries to trick down to the bottom. And I was thinking really quickly,'heck there are now new brown threads, that are ruining the tapestry of art, that has taken five minutes to crystalize'. But I had to trust it. So I placed the cup in the saucer, and waited a couple of minutes. Then I looked around the saucer for little drawings, outlines, whatever. And then I saw it. And the coincidence was excellent. As was just reading the story about the results of the vote in Iran. The conclusion was that there is a split in the ranks of the religious rulers in Iran. Anyway my handy, but low quality Vario MDA, that I am using to read, write and post on the net, took this picture. You can see one Ayatollah on the right facing East, and another Ayatollah on the left, looking away from the other Ayatollah. There are other images. The Ayatollah on the right seems to be looking at the Korean Penninsula. There is a clear black dot to mark his eye, and there is clear bigger black dot in what looks like the capital of North Korea. The Ayatollah on the left seems to be just idly sitting, and not looking at anything in particular, and does not have a pronounced well shaped beard; that the one on the left has, that is so reminiscent of Ayatollah Khomeini's posters. Then there are the dots running down the middle, that depict the divide. Maybe this is the split in the global Shiite movement, and the one on the left, are the Labanese Shiites that do not like the ones in Qom. Anyway that was one strong experience that I did not know where to put, so I put it here.

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