What, (woops) who are Zoroastrians? - by BBC


People ask me, what is your belief system. I say Zoroastrianism, but not the Parsi type. This video is the Parsi rendition of monotheistic Zoroastriansism. They look at the Gathas and Zoroaster of the Gathas.

There were other Zoroasters, older than the one that came on the 17th Century BC, (2500 years ago is wrong). I look at other parts of the Zend-Avesta, and have linked modern Astrological concepts with The Ancients. You find out about The Ancients in The Vendidad chapters.

I have found that the story of Yima links to the coming of the last ice-age (15000 years ago) and funnily enough the latest Y-chromosone info confrims the migration of all our ancestors to this area. I am not going to go to the details.

But I do go to great details about the Astrological forces, that operate in our lives, as Dualistic Zoroastrianism. For me it is Hard and Soft aspects of Astrology, and I have sites devoted to all this called Citystats and Stockstars.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

A very nice video of what the UN is all about and what all our rights are.

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