Still Looking For That Stranger

This is for someone, who once was a stranger next door to me, that I lost touch.

It is a poem called:

If We Could Be Strangers Again

Will she get this message?

Once, many eons ago
we were young lovers
in a time gone by
we shared our covers

Both of us were young
we thought it was true
but it wasn't to last
between me and you

And so years have past
As they quickly do
I married at last
we had a family too

He longed
and he pined
and he asked his God
why must life be this hard?

Finally, he fell in love
with a wife of his own
they were happy together
in their little home.

But he true love
he once knew
wasn't replaced
though to his wife, he was true

Then one day by chance
we met each other again
I caught his glance
it said "aren't we old friends?"

He saw in my eyes desire's flame
we were young in my mind
once again

I saw in his eyes the yearning
he still had there for me
first love lasts forever
but we knew it couldn't be

How sad that fate could be
To bring us together
Then take us apart
But that was our destiny

Now I loved another
and so did he
If only we could be strangers again
And not feel the pain
of what will never be.

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