Na anchenan, Na anghadr. Be Alive!

Na anchenan ashegh bash ke hich chiz nabini.
Na anghadr bebin ke hargez ashegh nashavi.

It's Persian, and it means:

Don't fall in love so much, such that you become blind.
Don't look around so much, such that you don't ever fall in love.

I write a variety of blogs, tweets, and most of the time I am dealing with extremes. A new gadget, a new phase of the Moon, a new piece of news from Iran.

In all these adventures of thought, you need a certain attitude. A sense of appreciation. That sense needs to be balanced. But like a see-saw, it has to go up and down first.

So the phrase above seems appropriate, not only in love, but in all areas of life. Surf the waves. The rise and the fall. But more importantly, know that still waters run deep. And yes go and stomp on a puddle, and make your splash.

But Be Alive! Grab an idea, tweet it, think more and blog it, and then splash it out to the world.
It's your world. It's my world. It's our world.

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