A Force from Empty Space: The Casimir Effect

This vast and mysterious dark energy appears to gravitationally repel all matter and hence will likely cause the universe to expand forever.
APOD: 2006 December 17 - A Force from Empty Space: The Casimir Effect

To me that seems so much like the dualism referred to in the Zend Avesta.

Sometimes I feel like beating my drums

This is a superb commercial. I think it must have something to do with, the subtle connection between the two sticks, and the two lines pouring down from the glasses.

Ostad Ebrahim Pourdavood

Ostad Ebrahim Pourdavood - The story told by his daughter.

This clip will tell you how the language of Avesta was brought back to Iran, by the world foremost Iranologist. It is so sad to hear, that ancient Iran was better known by non Iranians, or Iranians living outside Iran, until Ostad Ebrahim Pourdavood came around.

And of course now, with the mess that Iran is in, it so important that we all find a new Spirit to recreate a new Iran. Learn and enrich your soul. Many thanks to Niloo for finding this.

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