ah, don't ask!

"I’ve known the pains of love’s frustration – ah, don’t ask!

I’ve drained the dregs of separation – ah, don’t ask!

I’ve been about the world and found at last A lover worthy of my adoration – ah, don’t ask!

So that my tears now lay the dust before Her door in constant supplication – ah, don’t ask!

Last night, with my own ears, I heard such words Fall from her in our conversation – ah, don’t ask!

You bite your lip at me? The lip I bite Is all delicious delectation! – ah, don’t ask!

Without you, in this beggarly poor hut, I have endured such desolation – ah, don’t ask!

Lost on love’s road, like Hafez, I’ve attained A stage … but stop this speculation – ah, don’t ask!"

From: https://g.co/kgs/yW4Kag

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