Ghazieh ... A film by Abbas Kiarostami

I got this video from my good old friend Parviz, who is a teacher. It is a great video bringing a lot of people who are very, and were very, instrumental in shaping the state of affairs for the past thirty years of Iran. Their views tell us a lot about them. None of them say this though; that it is all about listening, and that is why the teacher is drawing a big ear. We should all listen to each other more. And that is why we Iranians are in such a mess.

Ghazieh shekle aval shekle dovvom from Green Mind on Vimeo.

Iranian Accents

Like many countries Iran has many accents.  This is a very funny story of an Iranian who moved around Iran a lot.  As he moves from place to place, this very gifted comedian changes his accent, and also describes the various idiosyncrases of that area.  Absolutely superb and refreshing reminder these days, when Iranian culture is up against politics, religion, and commerce.

Iran’s hidden landscapes

Pretty amazing aerial photos of Iran.

When Georg Gerster first flew over Iran on a business trip, he decided that he should somehow photograph the contours and colours that he saw passing beneath him. The Swiss aerial photographer bypassed officialdom by hand-delivering a request, in October 1975, to the Imperial Court in Tehran. Within weeks, Gerster was meeting an Iranian official anxious to know what kind of aircraft should be purchased. The Empress Farah, it seemed, had taken a liking to the project.

Par30ian - Iran was made of 30 parts

Apparently Persian can be seen as PER = part, SI=30, AN= yan

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