Har kas ke bedanad va bedanad ke bedanad

har kas ke bedanad va bedanad ke bedanad
asb-e kherad  az  gombad-e gardun bejahanad
har kas ke nadanad va bedanad ke nadanad
langan-e kharak-e khish be manzel berasanad
har kas ke nadanad va nadanad ke nadanad
dar jahl-e morrrakab 'abad od-dahr bemanad

(attrib. to  Naser od-Din Tusi (1201-1274))

Who knows, and knows that he knows,
Makes the horse of intelligence jump over the vault of heaven.
Who does not know, yet knows he does not know,
Can nevertheless bring his lame little  donkey to its destination.
Who does not know, and  does not know that he does not know,
Remains mired forever in double ignorance.

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